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Delia, México.

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¿Alguna vez le habrás hablado de mí a alguien?

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i have to be funny because being hot is not an option

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"En la vida me pueden pasar cosas buenas y malas, pero esta vez solo quiero que me pases tú."


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when i look at myself in the mirror i feel like one of those really detailed spongebob paintings


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i don’t even know what i’m doing with my time anymore but hey heres the magic the gathering butt cracks guy and hes gonna bless ur blog

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hey you wanna do a fun prank we can hold hands and cuddle and makeout and make everyone think we’re dating it will be so hilarious

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the last one hahaahaahahaa

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I don’t know how
To tell you it’s right
When it feels so wrong 
For you to be near

I’ve been in trouble
I’ve been let down
So please tell me now
You’re sticking around